libtcod 1.4.2 released

For all 4 supported platforms. Changes since 1.4.2b2 : added possibility to draw on top of the rendered root console using any SDL drawing functions by using a callback function called just before swapping the screen buffer. More information here.

  • Other changes since 1.4.1 :
  • more powerful offscreen console blitting function
  • added Mingos’ fast and good looking restrictive shadowcasting FOV algorithm
  • added a few more fonts, provided by Mingos
  • various fixes

Get it here.

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  1. Awesome! Glad to see Mingo’s FOV gone live. Any news on 1.5? Weren’t you planning a post about one of the new features you’ve been working on (I don’t remember which, but I think you said something about it in some comments)

  2. yeah you’re right. Now that 1.4.2 is out, I’ll be able to go back to 1.5. Expect some news in the next weeks ;).