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If you were registering for an account on roguecentral.free.fr, you’ll have to do it again. Sorry for the inconvenience. Users with valid accounts should be able to log in with their old password.

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  1. your https certificate is no good.

  2. Do you realise how expensive a SSL certificate can be when you’re not making money from your website? As long as there is nothing mission critical (e.g. eCommerce) going on, a self-signed certificate should be enough.

    I’ve used a self-signed certificate for my site (SVN and Trac DB for CR), as it is only really for the purposes of protecting passwords (who wants to transmit passwords in plain text?)

    It is possible to get a free certificate, but they tend to be either short term trials (30, 45, 60 days) or from a CA that isn’t considered safe by all browsers.

  3. Most users are aware of the certificate issue and simply add an exception in their browser.
    Yet, I think I’ve found a CA that provides 1 year free certificates and is recognized by most browser (not IE but who cares :P) :
    The certificate should be installed soon (I tried yesterday but it crashed apache…).

  4. Well apparently, they provide me a self-signed certificate… 0wned… I’ll keep the wrong one for some time…

  5. Funny you should mention them – I read reviews about them, and despite some reservations (there were a few people who had horror stories, but they were in the minority) I thought I’d give them a go. I got pretty much the same result – something that was worth what was paid for.