Wakfu – the game

I mentioned a few days ago the wakfu tv series, but the associated MMORPG seems interesting as well. I’m not sure it will escape the usual MMORPG grind feast, but at least its graphics leave me completely speechless. I can’t imagine how they do them. Maybe they have hundreds of artists working in shifts…

And here is a trailer presenting the setting and some in-game scenes.

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  1. Seems interesting, delightful art and the proposed 'Ecosystem' in-game is fascinating – a struggle to balance the effects on the environment all this monster bashing does 😛

  2. Of course in practice the ecosystem is kinda..brutal. When I made a character, I appeared in a wasteland full of corpses of adorable creatures with maybe one or two creatures still alive every screens-length away

  3. how do you play the mmorpg