My brand new phenom x4 CPU allows me to run a linux 64 bits inside vmware. I’ve just uploaded a compiled version of the final 1.4.1 release. You can grab it on libtcod’s download page.

Linux 64 bits is now an official platform.

Known issues : the python sample crashes during the parser test.

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  1. yay, finally! Hopefully this will give us properly working makefiles and such that wont break all the time. did you ever fix the font problems I reported back in march that crashed libtcod?

  2. I compile it on linux 64 bits with following command :

    make -f makefile-linux-nodeps FLAGS=’-O2 -s -fPIC’

    The samples work with the garamond font. Since the issue only appears when statically linking with libtcod, it’s probably still here. I’ll try to have a look, but libtcod.a is not my priority, as I already have quite a few issues with libtcod.so to deal with…