New features in 1.5 branch

The “colored tiles” and “subcell resolution” features are now in the 1.5 svn branch (but still very buggy).

The first one allows to use colors in font bitmaps. The color from the font bitmap is multiplied by the foreground color used in the console. You can use it for colored letters, but also for small bitmap tiles, icons, or when combined with the dynamic font character updates, even blit a fullscreen colored image (Umbrarum Regnum already does this with a greyscale image on it’s title screen).

PS : note that I also increased the sample window size to get the framerate back to a sensible value 😉

The second has already been featured in pyromancer. It makes it possible to blit a TCODImage on a console using a few special chars that simulate 2×2 pixels in each console cell.

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