Hardening libtcod 1.5

Progress is being made on the 1.5 branch. The most used modules have been “hardened”, which means they shouldn’t trigger crashes anymore :

  • console
  • image
  • sys
  • mersenne
  • noise
  • fov
  • path

As planned, those new modules stop your debugger with asserts while in debug mode when anything is wrong or try to do their best to keep the game from crashing in release mode. Note that with some Mingw32 versions, you may have to put a breakpoint in the _assert function so that the assert doesn’t exit the debugger.

The new modules should also be more friendly with language wrappers, the assert displaying an error message on stdout instead of crashing when a bad parameter is send to libtcod.

Note that the python wrapper is not up-to-date on the 1.5 branch. No need to try and use it…

I also updated the noise sample so that it uses the subcell resolution.

There are still things to do until a release, but I thing a big part of the work is done and I can plan a first beta release at the end of May or the begin of June… Maybe even before the 1.4.2 release…!

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  1. Awesome news πŸ˜€ (I don’t really have anything to point out except for that, heh)

  2. Thanks ^^
    Btw, any progress on Torchlit ??

  3. Awesome stuff. Thanks for commenting on my devblog jice, I just saw it today. Also, I’m putting my graphical framework on hold and coming back to libtcod. πŸ˜€

  4. How is 1.5 coming along? Looking forward to it!

  5. It’s still very unstable (in term of bugs, features and API). I think the first beta won’t be out before September or October. Also the dungeon generator probably won’t be included in the 1.5.0 (or maybe a very minimalist one). I’ll keep that for further 1.5.x releases because some hotter stuff has attracted my attention for 1.5.0, including a blazing fast opengl renderer and an ΓΌber powerful layer system… More to be announced next month… πŸ˜‰

  6. Aww man jice, you’ve got me crazy excited. Any chance for a donation link for some encouragement? (not much I promise, just a little something)

  7. hehe a donation ! good idea πŸ˜€ I’ve just setup a paypal account at jice.nospam@gmail.com. let the money flow ! πŸ˜‰ I’ll post something about the layers in the blog next week.

  8. Where’s that update! :p

  9. It’s currently only in the svn repository :


    libtcod 1.5 is too unstable right now for me to be able to release some alpha/beta. Unexpected features have appeared, like unicode support. There is still work on the renderer (opengl issues, improve alpha channel support).

  10. Jice, I’d encourage the developers to try 1.5.0 out here and now. The OpenGL renderer bug is haunting me, I can’t really understand why it won’t work on 9600gt (and note that the first time I compiled 1.5 with OpenGL support, it worked fine at least in Windblows) and works fine on 8800gt. Can’t really be a driver thing since the same shit happens in Windblows and Linux x_x. Maybe other guys here versed in C offer some insight? Just a thought…

  11. Well, it’s currently really messy, with unfinished features and outdated documentation. I’d like to clean it a bit before encouraging people to use it. Besides, the opengl bug is not that bad because you can still use the SDL renderer. Of course, fixing it is top priority. I’ll try to do it asap. I’ve just had my net access @ home so I’ll have more time to work on it now.