I finally found a good text editor on Linux \m/. Many thanks to Mingos for suggesting it, and to Wine developers for making it possible 🙂

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  1. Yay, it worked for you too! 😀

  2. Wich ones have you tried? Gedit? Anjuta? Eclipse with CDT?

    Vim isn’t bad either.. 😉

  3. Hi there!
    I’m switching between Linux and XP often. I was also disguised with text editors available for Linux. My work is text-based (not a code), so in the end I’ve been using Firefox for text editing (+tiddlywiki) and only puredata for visual coding. No python or lisp IDEs are suitable for me. Maybe simple cream (vim customized for ctrl-s addicted) would be good, specialized plt-scheme is pretty nifty, but certainly not emacs – I do video in it, but for text it’s just like writing it’s just a half of work to do there, and other half start with ctrl-x prefix.
    PSPad is 100% good choice when switching between OSes often, it handles encodings and line ends without causing any problems, so you can go with it under windblows too.

  4. Hm … I prefer Kate…

  5. I have used PSPad for quite a while now, mostly for FreePascal coding. Great editor.

  6. char * personalOpinion =
    Kate is KDE-based (KDE Advanced Text Editor, right?). And even if you can install it in GNOME (I guess it’s possible, but I’ve never tried), Kate has really lousy FTP support. I’ve used it for some time and always missed PSPad, which is really powerful and yet extremely intuitive and easy to use. Out of linux-based editors, I guess Kate is the best one, but still it’s not as good as PSPad…”;