Embers… Embers everywhere!

Still only one spell (fireball), but you can make it really versatile thanks to power-ups.
Left-click : standard fireball
Hold left mouse button : incandescent fireball which sets fire to any creature getting to close. At high level, can easily be used to block passages.
Hold right mouse button : the fireball projects deadly live embers. Pretty impressive at high level, where embers can go through creatures and bounce against walls…

I also added multi-font support (8×8 / 10×10 or 12×12). You can change the font with numpad +/-.

Known bug : sometimes, levels parts are not connected, which is really annoying when the stairs are on the other side…

Binary downloads (windows/linux) :

Source code :

Next release :

  • add a final boss and a victory screen

Possible bonuses :

  • balance the spells
  • improve embers projections direction when the fireball hits a wall

Impossible bonuses (don’t count on them for the 7DRL release…) :

  • destructable ground/walls
  • fire burst should project creatures around and stun them against walls
  • improve pathfinding and AI
  • more creatures, more spells, more items…

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  1. Very good work. Embers work exactly as I wanted. It’s like a magical frag grenade, great to use in corridors and open rooms where embers ricochet frantically.
    I have played up to level 7, all spells maxed.
    I took a small pause since I’d like to point out that the brightness is a bit dim, with the low contrast of enemies and the dim “candle” light, I find it a bit eye straining. I’d like to suggest a tiny brightness/contrast increase on the torch light and enemies.
    Despite that point, the visual work is very atmospheric, and the game is fun. I specially like the enemy placement giving large mobs to mash buttons against. I was low on health for a brief period that got me immersed into a careful progress until I maxed out my spells and health potions started coming more often. (Or so it seems)
    The cave structures are really nice since you feel really unsafe around because of blind spots.

  2. I just realized, why not implement a sort of Flamethrower, one that is constant for how long you hold down the button?

  3. The “flamethrower” thing was an intended variation for the “firewall” spell. It would have made it possible to “draw” walls of fire on the map. Convenient to block access to a door. But it won’t make it in the 7DRL release…