Erm… I expected to reach this point after the first day. It took me two days… Things are much slower than expected…

Anyway, there are now creatures (a single type) with braindead AI (see the player, attack the player). The pathfinding was a pain to implement. Strangely, creatures in tcod have the same behaviour but I’m using a basic scent tracking system. In pyromancer, I can’t because I have no actual map data (only a TCODMap) so I have to rely on A*.

Another feature that caused lots of delays is a Left4Dead-like AI director. Creatures are not spawn during the dungeon generation. Instead, they are created during the play, trying to achieve the same alternation of calm and intense action moments that you can find in L4D.

I’m fighting with the strangest bugs ever too. I still didn’t find why fireballs reaching the left/right borders of the console appear at two places at the same time….!!

So you can go there, find stairs, burn things, die. No victory screen yet.

Source code and linux/windows downloads are on google code :

The next step : power-ups, a second spell, a boss creature… If things keep going at this rate, this may take the whole week…

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  1. Graphical roguelikes are soooo last year. This year’s hottest thing is going to be the ASCII diablolike! Click-click-click-click-click…

  2. Yeah… 🙂 Maybe I should try to raise sponsorship from logitech…