pyromancer ! 0.1 released

Epic boss fight…

I won’t be able to work on it tomorrow so this is the final release for the 2009 7DRL contest. What was changed since step 05 :

  • an introductory screen
  • a final fight with a boss in the last level
  • stats in death/victory screen
  • skill balances
  • number of levels reduced to 8
  • improved dungeon generation
  • balanced spells (amber/incandescence more powerful)
  • better contrast for creatures characters

Downloads for windows and linux :

Source code :

I find the concept interesting enough to make me want to work a bit more on it. Things I’d like to improve :

  • less boring boss fight
  • mini-bosses in each level
  • in burst-mode, fireballs should project creatures and destroy walls

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  1. Great 7DRL. I died rather quickly, but this is one will I try again. I really like the presentation on this and the game mechanics are easy to understand and use. Nice work.

  2. AWESOME!! (Eyeballs pop out)

  3. Very good result. I played it until the end (Although I can’t find stairs down nor up anymore, is this a bug?) and the contrast setting for enemies helped a lot.
    The effect around the boss was very, very eye-pleasing, specially when in a distance without the torch’s light.
    I see there are some things to touch up into config.txt…I am tempted to hack a little bit.
    And to think this has been done in just some days…it’s really inspiring.

  4. Thanks.

    Once you kill the boss, you should grab the amulet (maybe it’s hidden by a potion/scroll??

    When hacking the config.txt, it’s not garanteed that the game won’t crash… 😉

  5. I grabbed the amulet, but nothing happened afterwards. I just wandered the empty area searching for an exit, with no more enemies generated, if that means something, the boss’ aura didn’t disappear.
    Also, there was the halo of a potion sitting into an empty room where no actual potion was, so I might just have been unlucky and triggered some bug…unfortunately I already closed the window so I can’t give more details.

  6. Indeed. Weird. Taking the amulet should trigger the victory screen. Thanks for the report, I’ll try to find what’s wrong.

  7. Looks great! Add deathscreen and victoryscreen to SVN, and I’ll crank out a mac port for you. 🙂

  8. Beat the game, no noticeable bugs. Very, very well done. If you had just a pinch more depth it’d be a fantastic coffeebreak game. Congrats!

  9. Two bugs (on Windows): Firstly, I picked up the amulet and nothing happened other than the flashy green explosion. I had to step on the spot where he had died [still highlighted by the aura, helpfully] a couple of times before the screen faded out and the game unceremoniously quit with no message or anything. Secondly, if you leave a level without picking up a health potion, the blue glows still appear on the next level in the same spot the health potion was.

    That being said: This is a pretty enjoyable little roguelike, especially for something written in a short time. My compliments! \o/

    I look forward to Pyromancer II: The Dating Sim!