libtcod 1.5 brainstorming

I created a thread on libtcod’s forums to talk about the 1.5 release.
Feel free to describe what would be your dream library.


This thread is rather about wide architectural changes, general issues than specific bugs/feature requests, but anyway feel free to speak about what bothers you in the current version, check the planed changes for 1.5 and let me know if some are too radical.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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  1. Users only use 10% of all functionality in a big application. However, different users use different 10%. I think this saying applies to libtcod too. (I'm referring to the FOV & noise removal discussion)

    If you want to remove code, I suggest removing functionality that is rarely used and that the user can trivially implement themselves. Reimplementing a FOV algorithm might be trivial for battle-hardened C++ warriors, but doing it in Python would probably make it run too slow.

    The Umbrarum Regnum lights video got me thinking. Is it possible to do that in Python in real time? Maybe libtcod could lend a helping hand here by offering a function for mixing lightmaps together. But this might be more of a post-1.5 idea…

    Better documentation with more examples would always help. The growing libtcod user community could surely contribute here?

    How about digital gamepad support? That would be cool 😛 And useful, too, for laptop users without a numpad.

  2. Yeah I’m not sure anymore about removing fov/noise… Too bad, everything I wanted to remove from the library to make it lighter may in the end still be in 1.5… 🙂

    Adding a high level light module might be cool. Lots of users seem to have issue with multiple light handling. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll think about it.

    Concerning documentation and examples, that’s what the online documentation comments are for, but so far, there have been no real contribution.

    Digital gamepad… mmh. Seems difficult. Is it even possible to handle such thing on Linux ? How to support all different gamepads…?

  3. Light module sounds cool. Even a basic one (optional ambient light, multiple point lights) would be quite helpful. I think it would be sufficient for doing lighting similar to the UR video.

    (I wonder if the lights should be RGB or HSV?)

    WRT gamepads, SDL should support joysticks, right? So gamepads probably work too. Don’t know about Linux support, though.