It took considerably more time and code to get there… I expected to make this in a couple of hours. Damn. The success is already compromised…

Ok, so what have we here ?

A 10 levels dungeon starting with boring geometric rooms and ending with twisted caves.
A mouse controlled @ walking.
Subcell resolution rendering and lighting.

The beast is already pretty CPU intensive…

The second step is there, on google code…

You can get a compiled version for windows there :

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  1. Gave it a try. Looks good, I like the subtle animation (I take it’s supposed to be heat radiating from our pyromancer?). Subcell FOV is a novel concept in roguelikes and it doesn’t look too bad.

    The mouse control is a bit problematic, though. It easy and quick in open areas, but frustrating in tight spaces. The cells are so small that it’s hard to hit the corridor and not the walls. I’d recommend using a significantly larger font if you go for point-n-click gameplay.

    Good luck and make a good 7drl!

  2. Thanks for the feedback.
    I’ll add support for bigger fonts and try to make control a bit smoother. See you in next release… 🙂