erm.. A new release. 1.4.1 has really been too long. Too much releases and no real pilot in the plane… This version might not be more stable than the 1.4.1 betas because I completely changed the permissive fov and the default colors. I think I’ll use the ubuntu scheme for the next release. Set a release date, keep the changes coming and freeze them one month before the release.

Anyway, this version brings you a lot more default colors, a handy permissive fov with variable permissiveness and it should be possible to use SDL based functions (get desktop resolution, load images, …) before calling initRoot.

Get it here while it’s still smoking 😉

[update] Sorry. It has been a rather chaotic release. Links on the website should be ok now…

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  1. The torch fx in the demo has pretty psychedelic colors on Python (haven’t tried other versions). Is this a bug or a feature? 🙂

  2. oh s**t ! A bug…
    To be fixed in next beta/rc/whatever release… Thanks for reporting it.