Kingdom of Shadows

To my great pleasure, it seems that Umbrarum Regnum is back on the release track. After a few months of doubts, it recently went through its first complete rewrite, using now full C++.

According to Mingos, we should expect an early tech demo soon with some map generators, one of the all-time strengths of this title. I also witnessed the signs of a huge background work on the setting, which I won’t disclose here but head to Umbrarum Regnum’s official site and you’ll get some hints.

Title, cave, forest, swamp…

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  1. Wow. Just wow.

    And thank you Jice for making this possible 🙂

    BTW people who I’d shown TCOD some time ago asked how the game was coming along! Well, I understand if you’re kinda deciding on what path to take, even after you release the next version of lib-tcod and whatever else. Just know that some people are waiting to play it since no other RL ATM presents screenshots like those of cities and sewers, and I have to admit that they really make one itching to play 🙂

  2. Thanks Jotaf 🙂

    Concerning TCOD, I’ve put the backburners on the portraits stuff. While it’s a pretty cool feature that I’d like to have at some time, I will try to focus on a playable release, so i’ll stick with what I currently have in term of gameplay instead of adding new stuff.

    But a release first need a perfect melee gameplay, so before that, I have a big work to do on arena to make it much interesting to play.

    I can’t really put dates forward, but I’d like to have new releases of arena during the first half of 2009 then leave a bit libtcod development to focus on a tcod release for the end of 2009 or more probably 2010…

  3. Alright! I’ll download the latest version of Arena, and try to make some sensible suggestions. After I play it for a little while, of course 😛