Escape From City 17

Completely off-topic.

I urge any Half-Life fan who hasn’t started steam for two days to watch this :

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  1. Awesome!!! But… where is Gordon?

  2. Yeah, it definitely lacks Gordon Frohman !! 😉

  3. O.M.G.

    Where do I get the rest? I can only find part 1.

  4. I think the rest is not released yet…

  5. Indeed, it would make a good movie. Thanks, Jice, very nice video. I must admit you have a talent for finding interesting stuff on youtube :).

  6. erf.. I have no merit. It has been featured on steam news… 🙂

  7. The red glow atop the tower is way too much like Sauron’s eye. Has Gordon Freeman been transported to Middle-Earth to fight forces of evil?

  8. Pro’ly 😛