This is a project that was triggered by a simple challenge between Mingos and me. It first turned into the 2008 roguelike soundtrack contest and now is expanded into a (erf.. almost) full featured web site.


New features will be progressively added to the site, when libtcod, arena, doryen and my real life leave me a few spare time 😉

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  1. Music and SFX go a long way to add atmosphere and identity to DoomRL. Of course, DoomRL has the benefit of having, eh, borrowed them from Doom.

    I think music is the easier of the two to make by oneself. And now one can simply download some songs from Rogue Bard. (I wonder if CC-by-nc-sa and GPL can coexist in the same game, though.)

  2. Weird, I was thinking about adding SFX to the rogue bard not even one hour ago ! 😉

    GPL only covers the source code of the game. It doesn’t extend to the artwork. Fortunately, GPL games can use Creative Commons musics.

  3. Anonymous: CC BY-NC-SA seems to be a little troublesome. The “SA” clause means you are obliged to release the entire product (the game with the soundtrack) under the same kind of license or one that’s compatible. GPL is *NOT* compatible, apparently. There was talk about this on the first 2008RLSC blog, we finally contacted Creative Commons experts about it and it seems that only a slick interpretation of the license by a lawyer might give you the possibility to release the entire product under a different license. Luckily, there are few songs under the “SA” version of CC.

    As for SFX, the idea is OK, but bear in mind that a bundle of effects from different sources might result in sounds with different quality, different volumes… That might be a little troublesome, especially if a dragon’s roar turns out more silent that a rat’s squeak… But yeah, I see no obstacle in throwing SFX in…

  4. Hey, if you already have a nice, CC-licensed set of roguelike SFX, by all means go ahead and share it 🙂 But then again, I’m worried about libtcod development if you start to spend hours on recording that perfect orcish grunt sound effect 😛

    GPL only covers the source code of the game. It doesn’t extend to the artwork.

    I think this at least needs to be made clear in copyright notices. Like, "code (c) 2009 by blahblah, licensed under GPL, artwork & music (c) 2009 by foobar, licensed under CC-xx-yy-zz.". Because IIRC some games have licensed artwork under the GPL, too. (I wonder how they're going to provide the source code to their graphics if someone asks for it 😛 )

  5. BTW, I have an unrelated licensing question to Jice. Are the fonts that come with libtcod licensed under the BSD license, too? I assume so but I guess it’s better to ask anyway.

  6. pfeew, I don’t really see what would be the point licensing them. You can do whatever you want with them. I’ll add something in the readme file to make it clear. Thanks for asking.

  7. Regarding the fonts:
    If Jice keeps using the font I sent him, then it’s public domain (found on 1001fonts or a similar free fonts site). At least I think so.

  8. Precisely :
    – the terminal font is the 8×8 police raster font from windows cmd.exe console.
    – celtic garamond and dundalk come from http://www.1001freefonts.com
    – caeldera (“the doryen font”) comes from http://www.blambot.com
    – lucida was done from a windows true type font