Fov study

You can read the fov study here :


I’m waiting for your feedback, especially on conclusions since opinions may diverge on certain points.

[edit March, 22 2009 : fixed dead link]

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  1. Great job! Very thorough.

  2. Thanks for the nice comparison. I think shadow looks best.

  3. Thanks for the study. Looks like Basic and Shadow would be best for exploring dungeons by the torchlight while the more permissive algorithms would work better in the great outdoors. Diamond has surprisingly big symmetry issues. Although I wonder if perfect symmetry is always needed or even desireable…

  4. Wow, this looks really helpful, I just read through the whole thing. Should be useful since I’m gonna have to learn about FOV algorithms soon.

  5. ..the link seems to be dead!

  6. Yep. Link fixed.