[OT] Gamer theft 4

This pixel soup runs at 5 fps, while Far Cry 2 and Crysis run perfectly fine on my pc

There was a time some game company did great games, with unprecedented freedom, great gameplay and awesome story/dialogs. This company produced 3 games that were huge hits. For some reason, this company decided to stop earning money from pc gamers… My advice to everyone reading this blog : DON’T BUY THIS SHIT UNTIL THEY FINISH IT (maybe in two years according to the current status of the game…).

The worst in this story is that the game was probably done by enthusiast game programmers until some millionaire producer woke up one day decided that he needed another ferrari so he stuffed the game with shitware and released it before it’s finished… I hope he dies in horrible agony, being raped by a cave troll…

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