This seems to be a good time for roguelike coding.

First, Donblas’s Magecrawl, which has been put not long ago on the shelf, made a unexpected come back with a working early demo. You can get it here (windows only for now) :


Magecrawl, by Donblas

And then, there’s Merc’s project. Merc has been working in the shadow for six months but recently announced an upcoming demo on roguecentral forums, along with a few tempting screenshots. I have to admit it has the most somptuous ASCII graphics I’ve seen since Aviel’s stand…

The way of fallen, by Merc

While both projects are in very early stage, I’m very glad to see some very promising true color text-mode roguelike surfacing. After all, this is what libtcod is all about… 😉

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