The grayscale layers used in the portraits have some very convenient properties. For example, to randomize skin or hair color, I just have to multiply the corresponding layer by a float factor (between 0.5 and 1.5 for hair). I also added new layers to support jewelry.

Following Mingos advice, I changed the eyes so that they look less manga. The eye/mouth/eyebrows still have only one version.

Women, women, are there no men in Doryen ? Well, before I start another set of layers, I want to be sure that I have explored all the procedural possibilities.

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  1. The entries here continue to impress. I can’t wait to give this game a whirl.

  2. Yeah, I’m drooling over it myself… It just keeps getting more and more promising…
    Jice, are you still planning to add a random plot generator? Can’t wait to see how you get over this one.

  3. Erf… random plot, yeah… That beast is rather tough. I started to clean/improve the dialog system for that purpose, but I didn’t really started the real work yet. I’m on the brink of doing it, but didn’t find the courage yet 😉

    Now that I have the portrait system, I have some work to do on the different character interfaces (traders, craftsmen, …) to take fully advantage of it. Then I think I’ll have to bury myself into the procedural story telling stuff…

  4. Looks great!