Colored city

I finally allowed TCOD to use custom foreground colors. Now walls, roofs, doors go through the same shading pipeline as the ground color (background color of the console). I’m not yet really convinced by its new look, but for sure it’s more… well, graphical

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  1. You wanted hero portraits and now the whole thing is too graphical? Wait until those are in too! 😛

    TBH I already have such pipeline in my RL, the only things that are not shaded are interactive game objects (and characters). It’s nice because you can have a semi-cluttered environment but still distinguish important stuff pretty well, especially when they move, or the light source is moving too.

    Concerning the use of grayscale characters as cool images: I intend to use them fully for some pseudo-particle effects 🙂 Nothing like a glowing translucent star from a spell or a neat effect from a sword swing 😉

  2. Wow.. I’m curious to see that in action… 😉

  3. Can you give us a quick update on how the portraits are looking in TCOD? Good, awful, it doesn’t quite fit the genre? 🙂

  4. erf… currently, they don’t look at all. I’m waiting to release libtcod 1.4.1 to be able to start implementing what I need in libtcod 1.5 for the portraits to work in tcod. They require modifications in the inner libtcod renderer, whereas subcell resolution can be implemented externally…

  5. Ah… I thought you’d just draw some grayscale portraits in a big font file and that’s it. Hack it together, ya know. Keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Hm, I was thinking about sword swishes as well. Together with a generous, juicy spray of blood. Nothing like a critical hit that actually LOOKS like it, not just a lame description. If it says that I splattered that pesky goblin, I wanna see it splattered on the screen :). Also, some sparks flying when swords clash (or an enemy sword and the PC’s shield)… Ah, my imagination is going wild…

  7. The thing is.. I already know it will look cool, and I want procedural portraits, man. Not 5 or 6 hardcoded portraits. So I’d rather not spend time on stuff I’ll junk as soon as it’s done. I’ll directly do the final, procedural stuff as soon as the necessary toolkit is available in libtcod… Before that, I have some nasty bugs in libtcod to fix to release 1.4.1…

  8. No way!! I’ll believe it when I see it! 🙂