Now you can use every feature from the Doryen library in python.
Note that the wrapper is in early beta stage and may be updated often.
It has been tested on Windows with python 2.6 and on Linux with python 2.5.
It includes every libtcod sample ported to python.


TDL, the full blown python library from Kyle Stewart is not canceled. It will be built on top of this thin wrapper to provide you with a smoother python integration and lots of added value (like parameters values checks and proper python error handling).

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  1. Great news on the release of 1.4 🙂 But of course you probably already knew I’m enthusiastic from what I’ve said of the beta.

    Anyways here’s a plug for my game… now with 110% extra ambiance — you can update the screenshot on the tcodlib projects page if you like.


    😛 (shameless, I know)

    And I’m finally *not* lost with the way my adventure generator is going. It’s an utterly uncontrollable recursive beast now. But strangely enough, inspiration came from a totally unrelated research project on pattern recognition… on the algorithm level they’re so similar that to solve one I had to solve the other 🙂 And the lesson learned is that I can’t just let it run free. (sigh)

    Sorry that this turned into a bit of a ramble but consider it a tiny update 🙂

  2. hehe screenshot updated ! This one’s hot 😀
    Keep up the good work !