libtcod 1.4.0 sneak peek

To see on libtcod homepage : a few screenshots of the new samples/tools included with the upcoming libtcod 1.4.0. Get them here and enjoy 😉

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  1. i really liked that post.

  2. Sometimes, the shorter are the best 😉

  3. Good news, I’m looking forward to that update 😉

  4. It’s almost there… I still have to work on the heightmap stuff. It’s really basic currently…

  5. If you’re not afraid of bugs, you can grab an early version here :
    http://jice.nospam.googlepages.com/libtcod-1.4.0wip-VS.zip 🙂

    The zip under this link may be updated from time to time.

  6. Thanks, I was thinking about grabbing the BSP toolkit from the SVN repository but that will work much better 🙂