News of the Arena

The next release of the Arena is near. I’m still tweaking the gameplay, trying to make it less confusing and repetitive. I have a few plans to allow the player to enter more smoothly into the game. The main issue for newcomers is currently to see all those different monsters attacking you without knowing them. I’ll implement new game modes in the upcoming releases to fix that.

The 0.7 release features a “custom fight” mode in which you can select the creatures you fight.

Custom fight setup screen

This makes it possible for you to experiment with each different creatures. You can see the strength value of your selected opponents so that you can try to beat your score by winning against stronger and stronger opponents. If the tournament mode is too easy for you, here you can add opponents with no strength limit…

Wanna try and fight 10 balrogs ?…

Other modes to be added later are :

  • a tutorial mode, where a master teaches you the different techniques (parry, combo, shield, …) one after another.
  • a challenge mode. Instead of simply having increasingly stronger opponents, you can choose different challenges and try to beat your score. For example, kill the maximum number of goblins in one minute, try and beat some creatures without taking any damages and so on…

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  1. I love of Arena started as a simple spin-off, almost a technical demo, and is growing to be a really fun full-fledged game 🙂

    Good Work!
    (and, yes, you do have a fan here 😉 )

  2. Thanks 🙂
    Your support is really appreciated !