Chris “donblas” Hamons is doing a great job creating a C# port of libtcod.

You can download it there :


Many thanks to him, especially since he discovered several bugs in the process. I’ll release a 1.3.2 version soon fixing most known bugs and adding documentation for the generic container, an undocumented module already present in libtcod 1.3.1.

Concerning the 1.4 release, I’ve just discovered the SFML library that seems to be exactly like SDL, but better ! ;).


If SFML is as good as it sounds, the 1.4 will probably use it instead of SDL. The immediate advantage for libtcod would be support for more image formats (mainly JPG, PNG, TGA).
Another great advantage for the next releases would be easy sound support. Now that we have some great roguelike tunes, it would be a shame not to be able to use them in games 🙂

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