Diablo III

Ok, this news is completely obsolete since it’s already more than two weeks old 🙂
Anyway, I was expecting the next big thing in the RPG world to be either Fallout 3 or Fable 2. That was without allowing for the announce of Diablo 3. Even if lots of fans seem to be disappointed by the new visuals, I watched the gameplay video and find it awesome…

True 3D, Havok physics, cooperative gameplay… yummy

Go and have a glimpse of this delightful 3D roguelikiness :

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  1. Hello Jice,

    What about Dragon Age? It should be released before Diablo 3, and should be a true RPG feist (Diablo is more hack and hash to my point of view).

    There is a gameplay video:

  2. Yeah the graphics are a bit more “Warcraftian”, but that’s not what matters IMO. However, I understand that hardcore fans of the game must truly miss that gritty, you’ll-never-make-it-out-alive feel 🙂

    I commented on your other post, although a bit late, check it out 😉

  3. mmh I’m not really convinced with Dragon Age video. First, the characters have this cheap Poser look. Then, I don’t find the gameplay fluidity that characterize Blizzard’s games. I can’t explain exactly what it is, but as much as I find Diablo 3 great, Dragon Age seems tedious to play…

    Jotaf, concerning Diablo 3, when you see this horde of ghouls coming from the abyss or the huge creature on the second shot, I definitely find that it has a you’ll-never-make-it-out-alive feel :). But, well… Fans are sometimes a bit fundamentalists… The only way to be sure to please them is to release only extensions, never change the engine… (I remember the religious war on valve’s forums when they changed the crosshair behaviour in counter-strike…) !