Two new articles + TCOD crafting

Ok, they are not really new. I just recycled two blog posts and converted them to permanent articles on the doryen main site. I think they’re interresting enough to deserve a place here !

Dungeon morphing :


Dynamic map :


Also, some new stuff from TCOD. I’ve just implemented the first crafter. Crafters are NPC you can find in towns and they build stuff for you. You bring the raw material and for a few gold pieces they create useful objects. There will be different ways to get raw material. For now, you can get hides on some creatures corpses. The first implemented crafter is the tanner. This guy create leather and hide armors.

The tanner has a list of items he can create. Now what is interresting is that the properties of an item (leather boots for example) are not static. They depend on the type of material you provide. Leather boots require 5 pieces of leather. Leather pieces have different properties depending on the creature they come from. Some give good armor bonus, some have a better durability, etc … This is interresting because you can get items perfectly adapted to your needs, provided you find the necessary materials.

Finally, raw material is not a special hardcoded type of item. It uses the item feature system (see this) and only adds a few features. Thus, ‘raw material’ is not really appropriate since any item in the game could be used in the crafting process. This could be used for example to reproduce the potion system used in The Witcher, where you create different potions, and some potions can be used as ingredients for more powerful potions.

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  1. Maybe it’s only tangentially related to this post, but do you intend to put roads on the world map between some cities and such?

  2. Yes. I already have a crude engine for the rivers, I’ll adapt it for the roads. Roads will serve several purposes :
    * guide you to a city you don’t know yet (thanks to signs at intersections)
    * provide places relatively safe in the wilderness between cities, so that you don’t have to fight every 10 meters when you only want to go quickly somewhere

    I’m lost in admiration for the road in Aviel’s stand video, I’d like mine to have the same look …

  3. Totally awesome. It works as a game mechanic in that it provides customization but isn’t extremely overpowered, and it tickles my itch for realism in that the hero doesn’t craft boots and linen pieces for a living 🙂 I wonder how I didn’t think of that before 😉

  4. Thanks, but I didn’t invent anything.
    Crafters exist in Wow, Guild Wars, Hellgate London. Material with properties in Star Wars Galaxies, Ryzom…

  5. Ouch. I might be missing out a bit for only playing games from the golden era. Didn’t know about that. (and Guild Wars is a game I thought about trying once, but never got round to)

  6. Wow and SWG have free trials (1 or 2 weeks I think) and Ryzom is free until a certain XP level. I try as much RPG games as possible to steal all good ideas 🙂