The Doryen Arena is released

It’s still unfinished and a bit crude, but it has already some interresting gameplay and a lot of config files to play with. The AI is particularly bugged, so there will probably be some new releases soon. It also lacks finishing touches, especially in the static screens (title, death, victory). Well, after all,it’s supposed to be a prototype to balance the melee fighting system, not a full blown game !

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  1. Haha the arena is cool 🙂 It’s a little fast at first but it looks really polished. I’ll play with it later when I have more time. About the poll you’re holding, I voted for the BSP kit, but I have a question: is it limited to dividing regions in two, like in the example? I can think of a few applications for a more generic version, but then it would be a lot more complicated. How far did you go with these functions?

  2. Yeah I think I screwed the release with a bad timeScale value in config.txt. It should be 0.8. If it’s too fast, lower this value until it’s fine.

    Concerning the BSP tree, since it’s a “binary” space partition tree, you can only divide by two at each step, but nothing keeps you from dividing one of the subregion in two so that you end up with 3 or more regions. Since the tree doesn’t have to be balanced, you can divide your region in pretty much anyway you like. But the toolkit is really small and simple. You create a tree and you traverse it. That’s it. It’s not a dungeon generation toolkit, but it’s a basic brick that can be very useful in a lot of situations.

  3. WHAT!?
    I missed this for two days!?
    downloading right now 😉

    btw, I really need support for two keypresses at the same time, does/will your library provide this or will i actually have to dig down to the sdl layer?

    btw, i’m making progress on aviel’s stand, i added a* (using binary heaps, which basically means it rocks speedwise) and waypoints, added full mouse support and made some progress on the landscape generation (the trees are still the best thing on the map ;). I added skills and a skill menu, ranged combat and enhanced the enemy ai. Sadly there’s still lots of stuff on the todo list and my few-weaks-rl will be just another longterm project.

    i will give you feedback on the arena game once i have time and played it a little.

  4. libtcod can support any number of keypress. Just use TCODConsole::isKeyPressed.

    Nice to see that Aviel’s stand is going forward ! Don’t forget to post screenshots/movies where there are important new visual features, so that I update the libtcod page 🙂