Bad weather on The Arena

The Arena is taking shape and I spend some time on the eyecandy necessary to a Doryen game. I ported some of the weather features of TCOD to the arena and played a bit with some new ones. I’m pretty satisfied with the fog and I will definitely add it to TCOD too as soon as possible.
Each fight in the arena occurs at a random time of the day and with a random weather. It has absolutely no impact on the game but The Arena is also supposed to display the visual possibilities of libtcod.

So here are a few screenshots showing different atmospheres : rain, sunny, dawn, light fog, heavy fog, night. Each is not a unique atmosphere, they can combine : fog at night, rain during fog, ..

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  1. Absolutely stunning! 🙂

    I can’t wait to have Arena pitting ai vs. ai and running as a screen saver (hint, hint!)

    From the screenshot isn’t too clear, but isn’t the heavy fog a little bit too heavy?

  2. yeah, you’re right. The fog currently goes from 0% to 100%. From 0 to 90 or 95 would look better.

    Concerning ai vs ai, great idea ! I’ll put it on the title screen!