libtcod 1.2.2 released

Another bugfix release with a few new helpers for real time games.


Now it’s time to think about the 1.3 content… There are a few modules I can port from TCOD but I don’t want to put them all in the 1.3. This would represent too much bugs to handle… x_x”

So I’ve setup a poll so that users can choose what feature they want first. I might eventually add more than one, but at least I won’t have to choose. If you’re using libtcod, please answer the poll on the right.

The file parser is the one used in TCOD. Check this for a syntax example :

The bsp tree allows you to randomly split a rectangular area and traverse the resulting tree in various ways. It can be used to build caves, regions, cities, … Check this :

The heightmap toolkit allows you to create a terrain within a few minutes :

The mouse support is a brand new thing. It’s not used in TCOD.

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  1. I won’t vote cuz it’s hard to decide. Explaining:

    The file parser is something I’d implement using boost::spirit if I lacked another option, so it’s not top priority. Also I tend to leave the external data loading to later stages of development.

    The BSP tree is something I already implemented myself 🙂 My RL is using this method right now.

    The heightmap toolkit is part of something which is yet undecided in my game, the world map. I’m not going to use it right away.

    Mouse support is another thing that will be necessary for the finished game, but I’m not focusing on that right now 🙂

    So you see, those are all nice or necessary things, but I won’t influence the order in which they are developed simply because I don’t need any of them right now. I’ll leave that decision for someone else!

  2. Same mood here 😀