libtcod 1.2.1 released

This is mainly a bug fix release. Check the full changelog on the library homepage for details :

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  1. Hi, I began to work with your library, and I will definitely do my next 7dRL with it. (aproximately this will be from march 1st to 7th)

    I encountered a first problem:
    The TCODK_DOWN key doesn’t work for me 🙁
    I didn’t look into the library, but is there a way to get to know which keycode/char/number MY downkey has?

    The problem I’m going to see is that I won’t be able to move down in YOUR game 🙁 (well I guess you’ll use the numpad anyway…).

    Thanks for the wonderful library, it took me less then 10 minutes to set up my first console with some stuff going on, and this includes the time I downloaded Code::Blocks, and reading some C++ documentation (I never did any C++ before and only very few C). Most easy to use library ever? I’d say yes!

  2. uh first of all, thanks for your support ^^

    The library simply maps the SDL events (including the SDLK_DOWN event) to TCODK events. I’ve had a look in the libtcod source, but I don’t see what could go wrong…

    Is this the only key that doesn’t work ? What kind of keyboard are you using (laptop ?). What OS/compiler ? Do the down arrow key work in both samples ?

    Sorry for all those questions…

  3. I’m sorry, i just tried it with a standard keyboard connected to my laptop and both samples and my program worked… it was the fault of my laptop keyboard (there’s a special symbol on the down key, and i had numlock on but i can’t figure out what it does :)).

    Another question though: I’m pretty fascinated over the choice of colors for your menus (darg brown and orange). Would you mind if I use the same colors? Just say so and I will try and find something else, those just look wonderful IMO.

  4. No problem with the colors ! I’ve not yet bought a patent on them 😀