Graphical character dump

I’ve just played the longest TCOD game ever, managing to make my character live for 1 day and 20 hours of game time without having a crash (this is only 33 minutes of real life time). I was finally killed and decided to put my character dump on the blog. Since I have no .txt dump implemented yet, I had two solutions :

  • painfully type the sheet in a text editor while watching the death screen
  • assemble screenshots of the death screen

I choosed the second and doing it gave me a cool idea. While a .txt dump is handy to copy and paste your character sheet in a blog/forum/whatever, it would be cool to have a more graphical, more TCODesque character sheet. Something that is more pleasant to look at than a raw text file.

I don’t know if other roguelikes have already done it, and it’s not implemented yet, but it will definitely be in the first release. When you exit the game, it will generate both .txt and .bmp character dumps. The bitmap one will look pretty much like this (this one was made quickly and crudely by hand) :

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