Arena death screen update

Things are getting better. It still lacks the tombstones and some more polishing… It’s supposed to feature volumetric fog, but it’s not noticeable. Hopefully, tombstones will make it more apparent…

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  1. Wow it looks extremely cool! It’s got a really creepy atmosphere too. A voxel engine just for a game screen hehe it’s a bit overkill but let’s not be conservative here. It’s a full-color rogue-like, for crying out loud! 🙂

  2. Yeah… I admit that a voxel engine for a ASCII game screen is a bit extreme… But it’s a really tiny voxel engine !

    Moreover, it’s something I’ll probably need in TCOD at some point so having a crude draft working in Arena is a good starting point.

    No I have to find another idea for the title screen… 🙂

  3. A fly-by of the overworld using the voxel engine?…

  4. mmmh.. tempting…

  5. Not much to add, but just wanted to say keep up the good work. The project’s looking really good, and I love the fact that finally someone’s realising that we don’t have to sacrifice the advances made in computer graphics made in the past 20 years in order to play an authentic roguelike.

  6. Thanks for your support. The arena is a bit staled since a few days because I started a big work on libtcod 1.3 (the config file parser is a bit harder to port than I thought…), but I hoped I’ll be able to go back to it soon..

  7. How far is 1.3 by the way? I really need the key delay thingy… is there a way to do it manually? I searched your code to where you transform the SDL Key-Events but I didn’t find where you use the delay… or is this a SDL option.

  8. Here is a work-in-progress version of the 1.3 with the function you need :

    See the documentation 2.3.3 Changing keyboard repeat delay.

    It’s just a wrapper for SDL_EnableKeyRepeat.

    Concerning the 1.3, I’ve just finished the port of the file parser, but I still have to polish it a bit before being able to release it. Or I may add another module, I’m not sure yet…

  9. It’s good knowing that the lib is coming along 🙂 I’d just like to say, keep it up!

  10. Thanks !
    The file parser stuff was really much more a pain to port than expected. It’s also by far the most complex module in term of API. I wanted libtcod to be uniformly uncomplicated, but I think that this module will break the rule…

  11. Thanks for the pre 1.3 version! The keyboard delay setting made me realize that the player were able to move much faster but couldn’t because of the interval. Movement feels much better without the initial delay.
    One problem remains: i want the player to be able to leave the inventory by pressing escape. Escape also exits the game. Is there a way to prevent the escape keypress that is meant to exit the inventory from exiting the game? I tried a bool, that is set to true when leaving the inventory, that turns false after the key escape is not pressed, problem is, that you can’t really say when escape isn’t pressed because of the delay interval (which i can’t set to 0 for several reasons).
    Thanks in advance, keep up the good work on the best roguelike engine out there!

  12. mmh…

    The problem is that libtcod only provides turn-by-turn keyboard events (one-shot “keypressed” event). What you need is “keyup” and “keydown” events and possibly a function that return the current status of a specific key (pressed/released). This is what all real time games use.

    I’ll add this to the 1.3. I’ll post a work-in-progress version here as soon as it works !

  13. Wow, thanks for the quick answer and your collaboration!
    Here’s a new small vid, so you can see you don’t do this for nothing:

  14. Thanks to you ! It’s thanks to requests like yours that libtcod can improve. I never noticed that I provided a real-time game engine without real-time keyboard handler… 🙂

    Concerning the video :
    HOLLY SHIT THIS IS FUCKING AMAZING !!! The trees even drop shadows on the ground ! I LOVE this ! The roguelike revolution is coming… 🙂

  15. Woooww that’s frickin sweet!! The detail on the terrain is amazing 🙂

    This had me inspired to post a screenshot of my own project, this is a show-off of the last stable goblin dungeon generator 😉


  16. whooah ! great use of the charset ! Tables, chairs, paved floor ! The lighting also look pretty cool ! My friends, ASCII roguelikes are really entering a new era 😀 \o/

  17. ok, the wip version has been updated here :

    now there is a real time keyboard handler. Christopher, you should now use the isKeyPressed function to trigger the player movement, the movement speed being determined by a game variable (the weight of the player backpack ?) instead of the keyboard repeat delay. For the other actions, you can still use the checkForKeypress function. You should also disable the keyboard repeat with disableKeyboardRepeat.

    Good coding… 🙂

  18. ah nice, just the function i needed!

    the speed was already defined like that but the standard keyboard input delay was longer than the movement gamewise movement delay.

    i don’t calculate the movement speed backpack wise or sth complicated, just a “movement speed” attribute, that’s it. it’s a very very basic roguelike where focus is on eye candies and fun monster slashing. pretty much the oposite to my main project 😀

    p.s.: hoping for some doryen update here 😉

  19. I’m adding a “projects using libtcod” section on the library homepage. Jotaf & Christopher, do you mind if I add your projects on it ?