The best roguelike map ever !!!

Ok, probably not, but it’s a good slogan anyway πŸ˜€
I’ve spend a few time on the map in the Chronicles Of Doryen. It’s important because the world is huge and you need an easy way to know where to go. The map allows you to see your position in the world and find places of interest like cities. In fact, there is currently only cities, but I plan to add more specific places like trainers and your active quest’s target. When
you have selected a place in the map, an indicator will appear on the main game screen. Follow this indicator and you will reach the selected place.

Ok, this was the functional part. Now let’s see the bells and whistles… There are two pretty cool features embedded in the map. The first is the zooming ability. You can zoom from an eagle eye view where each console cell represents 250 cells of the game view to a very low altitude view. In fact, you can currently zoom up to scale 1. The zoom is done in real-time and is powered by the image mipmapping features to be included in the upcoming 1.2 release of the doryen library…
You can see the zoom in action with this animated gif. It’s far from being as impressive as the real thing but it helps you to get the picture.

The second feature is even more useless… But I find it awesome. In fact, the map does not behave like a paper map but rather like a plane view of the world. Thus, it gets the changing daylight (orientation and color). Ok, it makes no sense from the player character point of view, but I couldn’t resist coding it…

Again, an animated gif…

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  1. reminds me of CryEngine2 πŸ™‚

  2. eh ! thanks for the comparison πŸ˜€ !

  3. Cool! It’s great when someone talks about a feature that they had fun doing πŸ™‚ Many times I enjoy coding stuff like this so much and then I get the impression that I’m the only one having fun πŸ˜› And you know, extra fluff can also be called “polish”!! So there.

  4. It’s true that useless shiny things are often more fun to code than the actual game content !

  5. OTOH the sunset colors set a great mood. You’ve got some pretty creative uses of color in your game.

    I’ve been thinking about the overhead view map for my game, and Legend (AKA Four Crystals of Trazere) comes to mind. The overhead world shows fortresses and the banners of armies moving between them to fight, you can get caught by an evil army of course.
    It’s frickin awesome.


  6. The sun color module is the same used to light the main game view. I even intend to add shadows casted by houses, moving with the sun. I almost did it work on my aborted D port of the game. It’s not that easy because to be appealing, shadows have to use sub-cell accuracy else you get ugly stairs on the border of the shadows.
    Seing the map from Legend reminds me some other things I’d like to test :
    – 3d world map using a voxel engine
    – a thin, almost transparent, cloud layer on the world map, to keep the consistency with the weather system.
    – rivers. Implementation is on the way, but still not working.

    Yet, this is only side work. I spend much more time making TCOD fun and addictive even if there is only melee fights implemented. There are still major lacunaae(?) in the basic mechanisms (inventory for example)…

  7. voxels render polygons obsolete


  8. I’ve always loved voxels >_< The lighting thing is awesome; I’m glad you’re continuing with the game. Um, as a sort of extension of the lighting thing, you could make in-game shadows based on the same idea. Obviously it would only occur on the overmap, but basically use the sun as a really big lightsource, so shadows would move throughout the day. :O