The future of TCOD / libtcod

Things are going to slow down a bit here. I know I said that I was about to release that damn beta but I’ve never been convinced by the current status of the game. The little break that I took with the Doryen library allowed me to stand back and now, I’m sure that the game is not ready. Sorry for those who were waiting for it, I have to take some time to think about how I can make the gameplay more simple, more intuitive, more fun…

I’ll keep providing support and fixes for the Doryen library, and i’m even planning a 1.1 version with at least two new toolkits :

  • a perlin noise toolkit
  • a fast and unintrusive FOV toolkit

But I’m currently very busy with other projects and this version won’t be out before a few months.

Concerning The Chronicles Of Doryen, it is temporarily frozen, waiting for me to have a clear vision of where I want to go with it. I’ll keep adding some twistles and bells to it (small features that add eye candy but have no impact on the gameplay) to keep the code from decomposing, but don’t expect too much changes before a few months.

Putting dates forward is always tricky, but let’s say there should be some action in April or May.

The fact that a chapter of TCOD is finished and a new one starts gives me the opportunity to thank everyone who provided some feedback here, which is all the more valuable since TCOD is still at the vaporware stage without anything released (ok, with the Doryen library, the smoke tends to condense a bit ;).

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  1. Sad to hear that but when you get that kind of perspective it’s hard to continue on the same path. I hope it turns out better in the long run.

    The point when I froze my game was when I was coding the battle system. I knew that a straight D&D system or similar wasn’t going to cut it. My vision was of something a little better and…more fun. I didn’t even bother to put hit-points and attacks since that was so open to changes.

    Since then I looked into twitch-play, and the more strategic puzzle-style mechanics, but I don’t want them to be too distracting (like a separate window). Still thinking.

    Perlin noise! Hmm..interesting dungeon backgrounds come to mind 🙂

  2. Yeah, I also have to rethink a bit the battle system, but not only it. There’s something wrong about the whole gameplay. I’d like it to be totally trivial at the start and let the player discover new features with a constant rate (something new should happen every 5 minutes of gameplay at the beginning). From a minigame, this should slowly turn the game into something really deep with lots of possibilities…

    … well, it’s one thing to say it, but doing it…

    I currently use perlin noise for the island generation and the torch flickering effects. I will also use it intensively in the weather system (one of those totally useless but ultra cool features I’m planning to add to keep to code alive..^^ ).

    Concerning the 1.1 release of libtod, I may have been a bit pessimistic. I had a glance at the code concerned and the port from the game to the library should be very easy. It may be ready this week-end or the next one.

  3. Sweet x)
    Just one more thing… the experience you describe for new players is more a matter of presentation than something inherent to the game mechanics. Of course some games are harder than others, but there is some leeway, and this can be attenuated in the final stages of development by focusing a bit more on the tutorial/first levels. My 2 cents…