libtcod 1.1 for linux

The 1.1 version of the Doryen library is ready for linux. You can download it on the library homepage.
There was indeed a problem in the source code that kept the fov toolkit from working on linux. But it has no impact on the win32 versions. The next time, I’ll compile it under linux before releasing it… The incriminated code :

int in_fov:1;
bool b= in_fov;
if (b) printf("cell in fov\n");

On win32 platforms, this code print “cell in fov”. On linux, it does not. To make it work on linux, you have to replace :

int in_fov:1;


unsigned int in_fov:1;

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  1. I was pretty happy with v1.0, now you totally blew my mind ;P Anything else you’re considering adding to the lib, or you got most things covered already? A minor issue with the documentation (I didn’t notice anything else and I read it thoroughly) is in the FOV examples, sometimes you use setCanSeeThrough(), others you use setTransparent(). It’s likely you changed the name at some point and forgot to change some examples…

  2. Thanks ! ^^
    There are lots of things in TCOD I could put in the library, but I’d rather add them carefully to keep the library simple and unintrusive. I have a cellular automata module and a heightmap module, but they are very limited for now and I don’t want to spend time improving them with features I wouldn’t use in TCOD.
    There are also higher level modules that would fit very well in the library like the dialog and the quest systems, but they are not mature enough. I have to wait to use them heavily in TCOD to be sure they really work.

    Let’s say that I currently don’t plan to add new features in the near future (ok I already said that before releasing the 1.1…).

    Thanks for the doc issue. It’s fixed now (at least for the online documentation).