XubuntuRL !

I’ve just installed Xubuntu on an old laptop. I had to do this because Ubuntu was as slow as hell since I upgraded it to version 7.10. I tried first FluxBuntu, but it was the usual Linux hell to have the wifi working. Xubuntu 7.10 runs fine and has wifi support out of the box.

Anyway, I’ve compiled TCOD on this brand new Xubuntu box. The last time I compiled it on Linux was months ago and I was a bit worried, but things went smoothly. Even better, this is a Celeron 466MHz with 128 MB of RAM and TCOD runs at good speed. It’s just slightly slower than on recent computers.

The problem is that I have crashes in SDL internal functions after a few seconds. I also have nasty crashes in Windows, but in my own code (involving the skill and lighting systems). The beta gets nearer, but I think it’s time for a painful gdb session… !

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