libtcod & dungeon debugging

I’m still polishing libtcod. Now, it also contains a method to easily generate screenshots. I have working versions on linux/gcc and windows/mingw32 (my usual dev environments). I still have to port it to Visual Studio 2005, which shouldn’t be too difficult since it should be source-compatible with mingw32.

I also started a deep debugging session on the dungeon generation. I have a couple of nasty bugs that produce unexpected dungeon topologies. Since they are really difficult to find, I added a lot of debugging tools in the code : verbose debug output including a dump of the bsp-tree and all corridors data, and even better, I can render the dungeon at any stage of its generation. It should not also help me to find bugs, but it should also allow me to produce animated gifs of the dungeon during its building phase, which will be pretty cool :). I will update the article on dungeon generation with such an animated gif in a few days.

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