Unique items

Now the bosses may drop unique items. As you can expect, those are better than the standard items that you can find in the dungeon. First, they have a unique name, which is cool (but not very useful 🙂 ), but above all, they have better characteristics than the items of the same type.

I also fixed the “lights inside rocks” bug in morphed dungeon levels. Now I’d like to add a few more fighter skills and fill the items database in order to be able to play at least until XP level 5. Some other things I’d like to have in the first release are :

  • humanoid creatures wearing torchs : this would emphasize the game lighting engine
  • “guard” and “patrol” AI : currently, it’s very easy to draw creatures away from the chest and then quickly loot it to gain the XP without fighting. The guard AI would make this harder. The patrol AI would be used with relatively strong creatures, the type you won’t kill easily. This would bring a bit more strategy in the dungeon exploration since you could observe the “patrollers” movements and try to progress without being seen. Currently, dungeon exploration is only rushing and bashing…!

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