Currently, the item system is a bit messy. When I add a new condition, I have to create lots of redundant stuff in the code :
– the new condition itself
– an enchantment (item modification) associated with this condition if I want an enchanted item to apply this condition to the player
– a skill type that generate this condition if I want a skill that apply this condition to the player or to a creature when casted
– an item feature associated with this condition if I want an item applying this condition (for example a potion or a sword that apply this condition on target when it hits)

So I started cleaning a bit the code. Now I have a generic APPLY_CONDITION skill type that can be used for all skills that result in a condition and a generic APPLY_CONDITION item feature. I still have to make this for the items modifications and the world will be a better place to live (at least the world of Doryen…)

Anyway, as announced yesterday, I created potions of vigour. In the same time, I improved the way potions were described in the inventory. Now you can know exactly the effect of the potion :

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  1. Great progress 🙂 Are those descriptions created automatically based on the effects, or did you just type them?

  2. In fact, the description does not come from the potion, but from the condition. In the inventory, when I highlight an edible item that has the APPLY_CONDITION feature, I print the description of the associated condition. The text is hardcoded except for the numerical values (condition amount and duration).

  3. “gain 80 health points/min during 6 seconds” : it seems a little hard to calculate how much a potion can give. Why not say “gain 8 health points in 6 seconds” ?

  4. Yes, you’re right. Thanks for the advice, I’ll improve the description 🙂

  5. I would use “for” rather than “during” for these descriptions. Less awkward and fewer characters.

  6. Done ! Thanks ! My bad english…