Week-end’s haul

Heew, the week-end was pretty productive, all the more since France lost that damn match (less beer => more time to code :D). Here are the new bells and twistles…


You can now buy and equip shields on off-hand to increase your armor class. There is also a spiked shield that is the only item type that has armor and attack features (it increases your armor class and gives you an attack skill).

Buying a spiked shield…

and using it as a weapon.

Humanoid creatures
Now humanoid creatures can use weapons and wear armors. Fights are tougher but the reward is more interresting. They still have whelk’s AI, but can already be a real danger for the foolhard

Fighting a creature armed with a hammer…

and looting its corpse (ok, I cheated, it’s not the same creature)

Death screen
I created a first sketch of the death screen with some statistics.

Next tasks :

  • a blacksmith to repair your gear
  • improve feedback during fights

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