At last, I have something else to eat, other than loafs of bread, apples and carots ! I introduced the two first potions, necessary to the beginner adventurer if he wants to survive more than a few billions CPU cycles 🙂 Each potion comes in three versions : small, medium and great.

Healing potions

Healing potions generate a “treated” condition (… I’m not sure this makes sense in english… If someone has a better proposition, thanks to suggest via comment!) which increase the health point regeneration rate. Stronger potions last longer and result in a higher regeneration rate.


Antidotes generate an “immune” condition which makes you immune to poisons. If you’re already poisoned, drinking an antidote heals you instantly (from the poisoned condition, but it doesn’t regenerate health points). Stronger potions last longer.

Antidotes and health potions represented in the status window

I actually start to enjoy playing TCOD for debugging purpose even if there are only two creature types and very poor dungeons which is promising. I still have to fix the item list scrolling in the inventory screens then I’ll jump on the trainer/job/skills stuff which should be the strong point of TCOD gameplay.

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  1. Maybe a “healing” status? I think it’s the word that makes more sense in this context… That’s a good idea, since potions don’t heal instantly the way they’re used will change radically. Oh and if you’ve gotten to that point when you find your own creation fun, it means you’re on the right track!

  2. Ok for ‘healing’. Thanks!