More skills

I added some more skills, each one bringing a new feature in the skill system :
“Cyclone” is the first skill that can deal damages to several creatures. It hits every adjacent opponent.
“Sever artery” and “Chabal’s bash” respectively generate “bleeding” and “stunned” condition on the target.
“You will die” is the first buffing skill. It regenerates some stamina.

Now, skills are greyed when you don’t have enough stamina to cast them (like the Cyclone skill in following screenshot).

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  1. Chabal’s bash ! Nice find !!! You should add some “Wilkinson backstab” skill too… damn english…

  2. ^^
    I think I’ll rename it to something more RPGish like Shaball. Too bad he didn’t use this skill on saturday…

  3. WOW! I forgot about this game, but remembered it when I thought about real time roguelikes.

    I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that you are still developing it!

    Nice going, keep up the good work and let me betatest plz! (I was one of the first to comment 😀 )

  4. Yep ! The project was staled from june 2006 to august 2007 after a failed attempt to port it to the D language, but now I’m back to work and I think I’ll definitely release something playable this time. I have almost all planned features working and I only need more time to do some polishing and the usual debug/balance stuff.