Looking for a job

Half of the job system is done. I can now reach XP level 1 and go to a trainer to choose a job. The skills management is not done yet.

I go deep down in the city sewers until I reach XP level 1.

XP level 1 reached!

The 2 skill points will allow me to learn 2 new skills. Now I go back to the city to find a trainer. Note that trainers are open 24h/24, which is convenient for late adventurers who get out of the dungeon at night !

Lucky to find a trainer working in the middle of the night…

For now, he can only teach my the fighter job.

The next screen would be the skills management screen, but it’s not yet implemented… To be continued…

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  1. I am amazed how fast you implement new stuff ! Do you program at full time, and do you already know when you will publish your first release ?

    Please keep up the pressure, reading your blog is a great source of creativity and entertainment for me !

  2. Thanks 🙂
    No I don’t program at full time. In fact, I code in the evening 2 to 4 hours a day.

    The secret is that I don’t code from scratch. I have a big C engine I started more than a year ago with lots of stuff like scriptable dialogs and scriptable quests. Most of the stuff that appeared on the blog recently were already in the engine. I’m just starting to use all these things to create actual gameplay (and in the meantime, trying to migrate it to C++…).

    Another thing is that I come from the 3D scene where the simplest feature can take months to code. Compared to that, an ASCII game is a real pleasure to code because you just have to focus on the gameplay, you never fight with some dark DirectX/OpenGL API or some 3D driver bug…

    I’ll try to keep implementing things at this rate but there is a major risk that I will slow down in the near future… This major risk is called ‘Hellgate London’… 😉