Let’s get skilled!

The trainer screen is now working. On the left, you see the skills of the trainer. The skills that you already know are greyed. On the right, you see your skills. You can learn as many skill as you want (provided you have available skill points) but you can only use ten while in a dungeon. The “Your skills” panel allows you to choose active skills. On the bottom, you see the description of the currently selected skill (either one of yours of one of the trainer’s). Green numbers in the description represent values that grow when you gain XP levels. Each skill has at least three parameters :

  • the time needed to “cast” it
  • the attribute cost
  • the time needed before you can cast it again

Examples of other skills (shamelessly copied and pasted from Guild Wars, as most of the combat system…)

From the Hamstring skill description, you can see that I added a new “crippled” condition. Creatures suffering this condition have their speed divided by 2.

Once you’ve learnt and activated new skills, they appear under your items skills :

The skills window shows the hotkey to activate the skill, the skill name and the attribute cost. Since you are now a fighter, the “stamina” attribute has been added to your status window.

The next tasks :

  • add more skills and improve the skill system to support more types of skills
  • go back to dungeon generator to make less boring dungeons

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