Hellgate !

This has nothing to do with TCOD, but it’s important enough for the roguelike community to be announced here. The demo of Hellgate London is already available here :


So go and download !! Don’t know how much time the link will be valid, though…

screenshot from gamespot.com

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  1. I can’t run it, I don’t have a monster PC 🙂

    What do you think? Is it relevant to the RL scene? Some of the comments I read elsewhere point to it being good but not too inspiring.

  2. Yeah, I definitely think it can be classified as an action roguelike, like Diablo. Of course, it doesn’t have the depth of a hardcore roguelike like nethack, but it has some interesting points, notably in items management and difficulty progression. I’ve been playing the beta since last week-end, reached XP level 10 and there are already a few ideas I want to port to TCOD. I’m currently cleaning the item system to easily implement new things like armor parts with permanent healing properties. I’ll probably post an article one day with a roguelike developer oriented analysis of its gameplay.