After the rats, I wanted to introduce spiders. They make good low level mobs and fit well in sewers/caves. But I didn’t want spiders to be just another creature with different damage stats. I wanted them to be able to bite the player so that he gets poisonned. That’s why I introduced conditions.

Conditions are temporary effects which affect creatures stats/behaviour. For now, I have only implemented a few of them :
– dazed : the creature staggers (randomly moves against its will) and can hardly hit any opponent (attack roll penalty)
– stunned : the creature cannot move or attack
– bleeding/poisoned : the creature temporary loses health points

Conditions are associated either with creatures attacks (the poisoned spider bite), items (heavy weapons like axes or hammers can daze or stun the target, some blades can cause bleeding) or spells.

In the following screenshot, we can see a spider (‘s’), the new status window showing the conditions currently affecting the player (here, poisoned with a bad spelling…)

spiders, player conditions

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