Shops & items

Shops and items are almost done (at least for what I need for the first release. I’m still following the “shortest path to release”).

I still need two other ‘services’ in the city. The first is the blacksmith to repair weapons and armors. The second is the fighter trainer which will allow you to choose your primary job (the first release will only contain the fighter job). Choosing a job will allow you to learn new skills, but you won’t be able to select a job before you have a certain amount of XP.

I also improved the items to add enchantments to weapons and armors. Now there is four classes of items :
– white items : common items without magical property
– green items : items with 1 enchantment
– orange items : items with 2 enchantments
– red items : items with 3 enchantments
Enchantments may affect various property of the item, for example :
– increase the amount of damage for a weapon
– increase the armor class when weared
– increase the health or stamina points of the player
– …

Example of a green item (also showing a nice bug in the price generator, since the green battleaxe of destruction is cheaper than a standard worn battleaxe…)

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