Let’s fight

I started to dust the fight system, migrating from a D20 SRD based system to a simpler skill based system more adapted to an action rpg. During a fight, your character can use a selection of skills. Each weapon that you equip gives you an attack skill. You get other skills when you choose a primary and secondary job. Each weapon has an associated attack skill that is ‘casted’ when you attack a target. The skill attributes (cast time, reload time, damage inflicted, …) depends on the weapon. Heavy weapons like a battleaxe or a warhammer have high damage attributes but high reload times. The current system support single hand weapons, double-hand weapons, weapon/shield and double weapons combinations.

Here is an example of a double weapon fight. You can see the two skills in the right column, both in ‘ready’ state.

The skill system works for basic attack skills and for the hero. I still have to use it for creatures (for now they use a completely different D20 SRD attack system).

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