Debugged city

A new screenshot of the city generator with most bugs fixed.
I also changed the way hidden cells are drawn (I don’t draw the dot anymore on empty cells). You can see through the windows if they are near enough (like the house south to the player) but you cannot see anymore through them if they are far away (top left house on the main city place).
By the way, the city name generator also works!

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  1. Looking good, I’m glad those bugs didn’t stop you 😛 Now that the city generator is working what’s next on the list?

  2. Well I’m trying to follow the shortest path to a playable release, so I have to add shopkeepers in the houses so that the player can buy some equipment before going to its first dungeon. Then a sewer generator. All cities will have sewers which will be easy-to-reach dungeons. Sewers may be linked to ancient caves and contain bandit underground cities so they may be easy to reach but not easy to finish.
    Once I have the shopkeepers and the sewers, I’ll be able to publish a 0.1 version 🙂